The softness of cotton clothes is one of the main reasons why cotton clothing remains popular. Especially for babies and children cotton is very comfortable as the natural fibre absorbs body moisture and allows great air circulation. Children stay dry and warm in winter and cool in summer months. Children suffering from allergies or asthma or are prone to skin irritation, benefits from the non-allergenic properties of cotton clothes close to their skin.
Cotton is very easy to care for as it is durable and versatile, whether you wash it by hand or a washing machine. Wash-and-wear clothing such as cotton is ideal for kids of all ages. The preferred fabric for garments that is skin-tight, such as underwear and T-shirts are made from cotton, because of its softness and breathing properties amongst other advantages. Bedding is another product which is preferable when made of the versatile cotton fabric.
The adaptability of cotton allows for blending with almost any other fibre, including natural fibres like wool or synthetics like Lycra and polyester. As it is white in color, cotton is therefor a very easy fabric to dye and because of its absorbency rate, it holds approximately twenty seven times its weight in water. When looking at the uses of cotton, it is clear why it is used for personal hygiene products and medical products such as swabs and bandages. It is so strong when wet with its absorbency rate so high.
Compared to synthetic fibers, cotton contains no chemicals as it is a natural product, making it more versatile than any other product. It is also a very good heat conductor and often used in the making of tarpaulins, tents and curtains as it does not damage easily by direct sunlight. It is not only cotton fiber and lint that is used for hundreds of products, but also the cotton seeds. A very common use is cottonseed oil and the oil is used in many products. As feed for livestock, cottonseed is very popular and a large range of industrial products such as margarine, soap, candles, paint, rubber, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, emulsifiers, and more.

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