People wear natural fabrics for various reasons, but there are many health reasons as to why you should wear natural fabrics close to your skin. Natural fabrics offer inherent characteristics with antimicrobial properties, water absorption, durability, temperature regulation, and breathability advantages. Some of the top natural fabrics used in clothing are, organic cotton, linen, silk and wool.
Organic cotton is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and harmful pesticides and free of formaldehyde finishes. Cotton clothes are popular for its breathable nature and soft texture, making it very durable. Cotton has a very good degree of absorbency, durability, and strength.
Linen is also highly absorbent, a good conductor of heat, easy to care for in the long term and the strongest of the vegetable fibers. Silk has unique antibacterial qualities as it contains natural antiseptic in prevention of bacterial growth. Silk naturally kills damaged skin infection, inflammation, prevents fungal disease and more. Linen also has the strongest energy of all fibers generating a feeling of concentration, calm, and depth of thought.
Silk offers lustrous beauty and luxurious softness apart from its many other benefits that many other fabrics struggle to math. Silk may be delicate, but has great advantages above other natural fabrics. It takes color well, washes easily, easy to work with and mixes well with other vegetable and animal fibers. It is quite strong and robust and resists odors and soil well, is tear and wrinkle resistant and quick drying. It is also an all-climate fabric and absorbs up to 30 % of its weight in moisture.
Wool on the other hand has superior breathability, great temperature regulation, and inherent antimicrobial properties. People with severe lanolin allergies and severe sensitivities can wear merino wool, as it is itch-free soft and fine, unlike traditional wool.

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