There is a very wide array of material that can be used to make clothing, some of them very common and others less common, but still used. Clothes are often made with an assortment of materials and not only a single type such as cotton clothes. Natural materials are cotton, leather and fur and man- made materials such as Spandex, Nylon and Polyester with the less common materials being Jute, Rubber and Hemp.
Uses of cotton for example include the making of denim jeans and overall cotton clothes are the most common type. Cotton clothes are popular amongst all ages as it is great for underwear, T-shirts, baby clothing, bedding and loads of other garments and products.
Leather is a product that has also been used for centuries and may be one of the oldest clothing materials known to mankind. Leather is very versatile and can also be dyed and has a great ability to breath. Its durability and cold resistance makes it ideal for coats and jackets, shoes and belts. The lower layers of animal hide are used to produce suede and although it is similar to leather it is a lot suppler and also less durable.
Corduroy is mostly used for jackets and trousers and quite a rigid velvet material. Wool fabrics are mainly used for winter clothing for its heat retaining properties and the same goes for animal furs. Hemp used for clothing is generally cargo shorts, hoodies and skirts. Rubber can be used for body suits, leggings and dresses. Spandex is very popular for its elastic quality and is a product often used in combination with cotton as well as Polyester. Wetsuits, dancing outfits and swimwear are usually made from Spandex. Polyester is popular for its durability, high color retention and wrinkle resistance and is one of the man-made materials used for clothing.

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