ACSA. American Cotton Shippers Association – USA. Membership organization for US cotton merchants, buyers and mill service agents. Calendar of events. Marketplace for members. List of links to web sites, related to the cotton trade.

ACSA. Australian Cotton Shippers Association – Trade organization for Australian cotton traders, dedicated to promotion and export facilitation. Crop and weather reports. Members’ directory. Links to related sites.

AFCOT. French Cotton Association – France. Trade organization for French cotton merchants. List of member companies. English and French.

CCA. China Cotton Association – Non-profit trade organization for companies and research institutes active in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing and trading of cotton fiber and its products. Information about the Chinese cotton industry. Calendar of events. English and Chinese.

CCA. China Cotton Association – Trade organisation for Chinese growers and processors of cotton fibers. Trading site for cotton merchants. Price, trade and weather information. English and Chinese.

CCGGA.California Cotton Ginners & Growers Associations – USA. Non-profit trade organization for local cotton growers and ginners. Industry information, newsletter and calendar of events. Links to related sites.

CICCA. Committee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations – Roof organization of national cotton associations and individual companies, dedicated to the principal of good trading practices and the sanctity of contracts. List of member associations. Company directory, downloadable on PDF files.

CWAA. Cotton Warehouse Association of America – USA. Trade organization for the US cotton growing and processing industry, involved in developing and implementing the electronic warehouse receipt, the permanent bale identification system, bale packaging, and the development of a uniform cotton flow shipping standard.

China National Cotton Exchange – Non-profit organization of Chinese cotton growers, involved in marketing and forward trading, inspection, warehousing, transport and technical consulting.

Cotton Board – USA. Non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of cotton fiber and its products in industry and home. News, research, technical studies, marketing information and economic data.

Cotton Council International – International division of the National Cotton Council of America. CCI’s mission is to increase exports of U.S. cotton, cottonseed and U.S. manufactured cotton products through activities that affect every phase of the marketing chain — from the initial mill buyer of cotton fiber or purchaser of U.S. cotton-rich yarns and fabrics on through to the final consumer.

Cotton SA – South Africa. Non-profit trade organization for the local cotton growers, processors and textile manufacturers. History of cotton in South Africa. Links to publications, crop reports and events.

GCA. Gdynia Cotton Association – Poland. Non-profit, international organization for producers, traders, manufacturers, institutions and organizations in the cotton industry, focused on research, development, testing and arbitration. Categorised members directory. English and Polish.

ICAC. International Cotton Advisory Committee – USA. World wide association of government departments, dedicated to promote cooperation in cotton affairs of international scope and significance. Many links to technical and economic information and publications, on PDF files. Requires Adobe file reader.

IFCP. International Forum for Cotton Promotion – USA. Non-governmental organization of national and international cotton industry organizations, aiming to encourage increased consumer demand for cotton through the implementation of national cotton demand enhancement programs.

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